Latest!!!!.....The Sumo is now available to rent for as little as £50 per month for UK customers. We can also offer a rental aggreement that will include disposal of the crushed lamps!!

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Recycling and disposal of fluorescent light tubes shouldn't be a worry.

Fluorescent lamps, which contain mercury, are now classed as
hazardous waste under the European Landfill Directive. Every user of fluorescent lamps in the UK has a responsibility under the
Environmental Protection (Duty of Care) Regulations 1991 to
dispose of them correctly.

Larger users sometimes contain their tubes in skips / dumpsters for disposal in bulk. However, the tubes often break presenting a physical hazard and a potential for contamination of water courses through surface water drains. The hire of skips / dumpsters for weeks at a time can also be expensive and takes up valuable floor space. Other systems use specifically designed racks to hold the tubes in storage until ready for disposal. However, these systems cannot account for breakage and the user is still left with the problem of how to dispose of broken tubes.


The crusher is of a new and unique design. The tubes are
totally encapsulated when crushed and the waste is held in a sealed container until ready for recycling or disposal.
As many as 300 - 400 tubes can be held in the unit storage drum.

The crusher is portable to enable the operator to use it in any
location. As soon as the fluorescent tube is taken out of service, it can then be crushed thus posing less risk to employees, the
operator and the environment.

Once crushed, they are ready for waste management options of disposal.�
One container can hold 300 - 400 hundred
fluorescent tubes in the space of a standard drum.

The SUMO crusher enables UK employers to meet their obligations under Health & Safety legislation and Environmental Protection (Duty of Care) Regulations 1991 .
All this space saving and safety innovation!

The crusher units are available to purchase outright for international customers or to rent for UK customers - send us an e mail for details.

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information or a price quotation
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